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Hey guys, If you’re a fan of the site or TheMontageKing youtube channel you might be wondering why there haven’t been any new videos in the past couple of months, as opposed to the one video a week schedule I usually try to keep up with. Well most of it has been health related. I have a kidney disease called hydronephrosis which has caused my right kidney’s function to decrease to 26% of what it should be normally. Two months ago I had this awesome surgery where they shove a big tube up your penis, through the bladder and into the kidney in order to let the excess waste to flow out of the kidney instead of building up inside the body causing kidney atrophy.

Well that surgery didn’t work out so well because the tube (called a stent) slipped out of position inside me a week later and I had to have it removed….without general anesthesia this time. In this process they shove a giant tube with a camera on it through your…whats the technical term?…Oh pee hole. They shove the over sized apparatus into MY over sized apparatus and yank the stent out. To be fair they did used lidocaine beforehand. They had a huge syringe and proceeded to shove part of it into my pee hole and squirt in what looked like 10 ounces of lidocaine , then put a clamp on my penis to keep the lidocaine inside, then left the room for 45 minutes as I laid there with my penis out wondering when the doctor would come in and get this procedure over with. The office looked more like a storage closet than a doctor’s office, with random nurses coming in to fetch items from the shelves inside, all while assuring me the doctor would be in shortly. The whole time I laid there waiting for the doctor I just kept thinking how embarrassing it would be to get a boner right now, since my genitals were completely exposed the whole time. Luckily I did not achieve tumescence and the procedure was over fairly quickly once the doctor entered the room.

After the failure of the stent placement the doctor suggested a more invasive procedure called pyeloplasty, in which they cut off the narrowest part of the ureter. (thats the tube where urine travels from the kidney into the bladder) Apparently I had whats called a UPJ obstruction in my right ureter, causing my right kidney function to get worse and worse. So I underwent the pyeloplasty which was a success and hopefully my kidney function will get better or at the very least not continue to decrease and eventually die inside of me.

Anyway, all this was to simply let you guys know whats been going on with me and why there haven’t been any new videos posted in a long time. I have a new video in the works and should be ready by next week, and I have another video ready for editing right after that. Hopefully there won’t be any more setbacks and I can get back to making videos on a regular schedule. Thanks to everyone staying subscribed to the Youtube channel, everyone who checks this site and everyone who gave us a like on facebook. I don’t take any of it for granted and truly appreciate and know how lucky I am to have fans and people who actually like my work and want to see more of it. Thank you.

Me, post surgery


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