Dumbest Rulings from the N.S.A.C

When MMA first became legal, It became the job of state athletic commissions to regulate every event,  requiring fighters to acquire licenses, undergo drug testing and medical tests.  One of the largest, and most controversial  commissions is the N.S.A.C, the Nevada State Athletic Commission.   The Nevada commission is often looked down on, known mostly […]

Remembering UFC 1

With the UFC’s 23rd anniversary earlier this month we thought we would take a look back at how much the ultimate fighting championship has changed over the last 23 years. Written & Voiced by Mike Delgaudio @ www.MikeDelgaudio.com

Celebrities Who Attempted MMA

MMA is one of the fastest growing sports, with thousands of people wanting to try and test their abilities against another challenger, From athletes from other sports, pro wrestlers and even some celebrities, and we’re using the term celebrity quite loosely here. This is a list of celebrities who attempted MMA, some found success and […]

Accidental Injuries In MMA

MMA fighters prepare for everything, but sometimes the unexpected happens. This is a list of fights where a fighter was unintentionally injured, either by accident or bad luck, Making them some of the worst accidental injuries in MMA. GoFundMe to Help Jeff Walk Again https://www.gofundme.com/usghhpz4 Voiced by Krys Janae @ www.KrysJanae.com

Worst Weight Cuts In MMA

In most combat sports one of the biggest advantages is size. In order to get this advantage fighters cut massive amounts of weight leading up to a fight, sometimes cutting upwards of 40 pounds or more to make the required weight limit. This is a list of fighters who either missed weight, or inadvertently harmed […]

Self Inflicted Knockouts in MMA

During an MMA fight you’re supposed to knock your opponent out, but some fighters forget this rule and knock themselves out instead. This is a list of fighters who were ko’d by their own fault, and the floor. These are self inflicted knock outs in MMA. Voiced by Mike Delgaudio @ www.MikeDelgaudio.com

Throwing In The Towel

Knockouts,  Submissions, and decisions are just a few ways to win in MMA, but if a fighters team doesn’t like the way things are going,  they can throw in the towel. This is a list of fights where the towel was thrown in to protect a fighter, either saving him from his own toughness, or […]