Biggest Reebok Screw Ups

In 2014 Reebok struck a deal with the UFC to become the official outfitter and sponsor of all UFC athletes. That meant most fighters had to say goodbye to those $100,000 dollar plus sponorship deals and accept reeboks sponorship instead, sometimes amounting to as little as $2,500 dollars per fight. This is a list of […]

Disqualifications In MMA

MMA was initially marketed as no holds barred, with almost no rules, but over time more and more rules have been implemented into MMA. This is a list of fights where a fighter was disqualified for breaking the rules, from illegal strikes to simply refusing to fight. Voiced by Mike Delgaudio @

Dumbest Rulings from the N.S.A.C

When MMA first became legal, It became the job of state athletic commissions to regulate every event,  requiring fighters to acquire licenses, undergo drug testing and medical tests.  One of the largest, and most controversial  commissions is the N.S.A.C, the Nevada State Athletic Commission.   The Nevada commission is often looked down on, known mostly […]

Even BIGGER Mismatches In MMA

Size matters, Especially in MMA. This is a list of fights where an opponent was grossly over-matched, either through size, strength or skill. These are some more of the Biggest Mismatches In MMA. (This is a follow up to The Biggest Mismatches In MMA) Voiced by Mike Delgaudio @

Biggest Ref Mistakes In MMA

Being a referee can be a thankless job. One mistake can be the difference between being known as one of the best, to one of the worst. While everybody makes mistakes, It’s a job with no margin for error,  One mistake can have a profound outcome on a fighters career.  This is a list of […]

The Worst Fights In MMA

Anything can happen in MMA.  There are countless ways a fight can go, but they can’t all be exciting. This is a list of high profile fights that either bored fans into submission or displayed the technical proficiency of a drunken bar fight, maybe even worse. These are some of the worst fights in MMA. […]