Worst Eye Pokes In MMA

Eye pokes are among some of the worst fouls in MMA, and they’re all too common. One poke can drastically change the course of the fight, and sometimes be the only difference between a win and a loss. Earlier this year the unified rules of MMA were revised, one of the more notable changes was […]

Biggest Reebok Screw Ups

In 2014 Reebok struck a deal with the UFC to become the official outfitter and sponsor of all UFC athletes. That meant most fighters had to say goodbye to those $100,000 dollar plus sponorship deals and accept reeboks sponorship instead, sometimes amounting to as little as $2,500 dollars per fight. This is a list of […]

Dumbest Rulings from the N.S.A.C

When MMA first became legal, It became the job of state athletic commissions to regulate every event,  requiring fighters to acquire licenses, undergo drug testing and medical tests.  One of the largest, and most controversial  commissions is the N.S.A.C, the Nevada State Athletic Commission.   The Nevada commission is often looked down on, known mostly […]

TOP 10 Usada Violations So Far…

In an effort to rid the sport of performance enhancing drugs, The UFC partnered with usada, the U.S Anti-Doping Agency.  This is a list of 10 of the most popular fighters busted so far by the new program, with some surprising names on the list, and some not so surprising. Voiced by Mike Delgaudio @ www.MikeDelgaudio.com

MMA Fighters Getting Into Street Fights

When adrenaline and egos clash people are bound to get hurt. Most martial artists believe in discipline, and walking away from a dangerous situation but these fighters believe the opposite. This is a list of fighters who have fought outside of the ring, and outside of competition. These are MMA fighters in Street Fights. Please […]

Dirtiest Fighters in MMA

Some fighters rely on skill and technique to win, others on brute strength.  Some fighters however, try to bend the rules in their favor, be it from an intentional groin strike, or an eye poke to get that extra advantage. Most fouls in MMA are accidental ,but these fighters do it on purpose. These are […]