Most Concussed MMA Fighters

A concussion is when the brain suffer trauma, usually resulting in loss of consciousness . This is a list of fighters who have been on the receiving end of a knock out more than most, making them of the most concussed fighters in MMA. Voiced by Mike Delgaudio @

Remembering UFC 1

With the UFC’s 23rd anniversary earlier this month we thought we would take a look back at how much the ultimate fighting championship has changed over the last 23 years. Written & Voiced by Mike Delgaudio @

The Worst Fouls In MMA

Eye pokes, Groin shots,  and Biting are just a few of the fouls in mixed martial arts.  This is a list of fouls that had a significant impact on a fight, some accidental, some not so much. These are some of the worst fouls in MMA. Please hit the facebook like button on the right […]

Fixed Fights In MMA

Throwing a game, taking a dive, and fixing the fight. These are all terms meaning the same thing, When an athlete loses on purpose. The reasons why can vary, but the main motivation? Money. Betting odds get a lot better when you know the outcome. This is a list of fights that have stirred controversy […]