Failed MMA Companies

Mixed Martial Arts companies are hard to sustain, there’s no end the financial difficulties associated with running such a business, between the money, and the angry cage fighters demanding more pay, This is a list of companies that were either successful at one point or were just one and done. These are MMA promotions that […]

MMA Fighters Getting Into Street Fights

When adrenaline and egos clash people are bound to get hurt. Most martial artists believe in discipline, and walking away from a dangerous situation but these fighters believe the opposite. This is a list of fighters who have fought outside of the ring, and outside of competition. These are MMA fighters in Street Fights. Please […]

Fixed Fights In MMA

Throwing a game, taking a dive, and fixing the fight. These are all terms meaning the same thing, When an athlete loses on purpose. The reasons why can vary, but the main motivation? Money. Betting odds get a lot better when you know the outcome. This is a list of fights that have stirred controversy […]

Top 10 Worst MMA Fighters

MMA is full of talented fighters, but its also filled with a plethora lesser skilled opposition. This is a list of 10 popular/somewhat known fighters who weren’t exactly known for their technical prowess. Please hit the facebook like button on the right side of the page if you enjoyed the video Voiced by Krys Janae @