Disqualifications In MMA

MMA was initially marketed as no holds barred, with almost no rules, but over time more and more rules have been implemented into MMA. This is a list of fights where a fighter was disqualified for breaking the rules, from illegal strikes to simply refusing to fight. Voiced by Mike Delgaudio @ www.MikeDelgaudio.com

Throwing In The Towel

Knockouts,  Submissions, and decisions are just a few ways to win in MMA, but if a fighters team doesn’t like the way things are going,  they can throw in the towel. This is a list of fights where the towel was thrown in to protect a fighter, either saving him from his own toughness, or […]

The Worst Fights In MMA 2

You know how some movies are so bad they’re good? Well, MMA fights are like that too. This is a list of fights that fans thought were boring, sloppy, or just outright sucked. These are some of the worst fights in MMA. Voiced by Mike Delgaudio @ www.MikeDelgaudio.com